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The bridge for better retirement

Pontera (formerly FeeX) provides state of the art technology for financial advisors to manage 401(k) accounts on behalf of their clients as part of their overall portfolio, without taking custody of the accounts. This allows financial advisors and investors to work together on a personalized, holistic plan. The financial gain for the clients is significant, as studies show that actively managed 401(k)’s generate 3.3% higher returns per year, net of fees, than accounts without active management. This compounding effect yields up to 76% more wealth over 20 years.

Attack surface management and protection

IONIX is the attack surface management solution that uses Connective Intelligence to shine a spotlight on exploitable risks across your real attack surface and its digital supply chain. Only IONIX discovers and monitors every internet-facing asset and connection, delivers laser focus into the most important risks to your business, and provides the tools to rapidly remediate exploitable threats and reduce attack surface risk.

First No-Code Data Exploration Platform that empowers non-analysts to boost sales performance with deep insights and overachieve ARR targets

Dealtale is the first No-Code Data Exploration Platform that empowers non-analysts to boost the performance of sales and marketing teams with deep insights. It seamlessly removes obstacles like data silos, legacy data structures, and the need for engineering resources, coding, or data science expertise. Dealtale integrates with dozens of SaaS platforms, CRMs, Marketing Automation Platforms, SDR tools, web analytics, and more to provide a unified, unfettered access to insights. It takes only 10 minutes to get it up and running, so get started today at www.dealtale.io.

Argon is the first unified security solution protecting the integrity of the DevOps pipeline.

Argon, enables DevOps and security teams to create tamper-proof software delivery pipelines from commit to release. Argon’s first-to-market security solution delivers visibility, security, and integrity to your CI/CD pipeline, ensuring trust in your software releases.

The Next Generation Data Engine

SpeeDB has developed a cutting-edge Data Engine technology that allows organizations to store X100 more data than current data engines, realizing X10 better performance, while reducing hardware/cloud costs by 80%. The SpeeDB technology enables applications and databases to scale and perform in a way that was not achievable before – no custom or dedicated hardware is required.

SpeeDB’s product is 100% RocksDB compliant, and allows RocksDB users a simple Drop-In Replacement with Zero application change.

Privacy starts in the code

Privya’s privacy AI-based code scanner analyses and detects potential privacy violations and data protection vulnerabilities as part of the development life cycle and prevents them from moving to production.

Privya eliminates costly manual processes and bridges the gap between engineering, privacy, and data protection teams. Privya’s code scanning reduces the risk of costly data breaches, regulatory violations, and reputational damage.

Building the Data Centers of the Future

ECL develop and bring the best, fully sustainable green data center to market via disruptive engineering, design, and deployment of emerging technologies that have never been combined. The efficiency ECL drive culminates in a lower-cost alternative with zero carbon emissions. The traditional power grid is often powered by non-renewable fuels, with finite availability and reduced reliability – ECL overcome and solve these deficiencies.

Open Source Kubernetes Security, Built for Developers

ARMO, the company behind Kubescape, builds the first open source Kubernetes Security platform, made for developers, and trusted by security teams. ARMO’s Kubernetes open-source platform fit natively within the CI/CD pipeline and existing development tools, assuring DevOps, DevSecOps, and developers that every Kubernetes’s cluster, container, and microservice is born and remains secure, from development to production and from configuration to run-time, every time.

Virtual assistant for DevOps teams

Kubiya.ai, a DevOps Virtual Assistant uses AI guided workflows to turn complex tasks into simple conversations- powering the Self-Service DevOps experience

“Secrets” security, visibility and management

A game changer in the secret management and protection vertical , Entro Security is the first holistic cyber security platform that continuously monitors and protects secrets and programmatic access to cloud services and data.
Entro reveals secrets everywhere and anywhere across code, messaging channels, Wikis , Vaults , CI/CD and more . Entro provides vital visibility such as the secret owner, correlated service, permissions and severity level.
The platform provides CISO’s with oversight and protects the organization against secret-based breaches which are today among the top three cyber breaches and the most destructive.

Financial empowerment through data and technology

FeeX provides mission critical platforms that unlock greater financial outcomes for both financial professionals and their end clients. FeeX works with RIA’s, Broker Dealers, Custodians, and Recordkeepers including many of the largest financial institutions in the USA.

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