Why Hyperwise Ventures?

We are entrepreneurs like you

We are the only early stage venture capital in which we, the 3 managing partners have founded, built and managed a successful cybersecurity startup (Hyperwise Security).
Following our startup’s acquisition by Check Point Software Technologies, we continued working there together for 4.5 years, assuming senior executive roles in sales, Business Development and R&D.
Why is this important for you? Because we were entrepreneurs just like you not too long ago. We know first-hand the pains and the challenges associated with building a successful startup. Our advice is not theoretical, and our hands-on mentorship is effective and actionable.

Accelerated execution

With our unique and current business experience and technical expertise, we will mentor and assist our startups in all facets of the business:

Involving real customers in the development stages

Recruiting R&D talents as well as sales and marketing executives

Identifying the best ‘go to market’ approach

Establishing a successful sales operation in the US

Launching an impactful 1.0 product to the market on a timely manner

Introductions to blue chip follow on investors, and much more…

Rapid due diligence:

Rapid due diligence:

We have the in-house expertise to conduct a rapid due diligence on both the technical aspects as well as the business potential of your idea. We are not going to send you on a long journey of interviews with external consultants. If we like your idea, we will extend a term sheet in a matter of a few weeks.

Access to world class cyber security and enterprise software leaders:

Our portfolio companies will be introduced to our luminary investors, potentially interested in co-investing in our startups, or assuming an advisory or independent board membership positions – assisting in the acceleration of our portfolio companies.

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